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We are the world's "newest" leading online travel company, offering the cheapest price on bookings to everywhere in the planet whether it is for leisure, business, adventures, vacations, hotels or car rentals. No need to look around and compare, we'll bring you the cheapest deals. Explore our simple site where you can book your trips fast and easy. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Youtube for all the updates and new deals.

Travloo Holdings Incorporated has hundreds+ employees worldwide and growing. We are becoming the largest and most successful online hotel reservation service in the world, serving over 175 countries and partnering with over 235,000 hotels around the world. Customers beleive in our Brand™ and Services which makes us very reliable and successful!


Feedback from our clients...
Alex Kyles
via feedback@travloo.com
More people should know about this site, their tickets and rooms are super cheap... wow
Evelyn Briard
via feedback@travloo.com
Smooth Customer Service, be able to book my room with no headache and cheap too...

Micheal Sirain
via feedback@travloo.com

I travel a lot and travloo send me the deals. All i had to do is to tell them my destinations for the year
Julie McBride
via Facebook
Yes, they are cheaper than the other ones
Dean Martin
via Facebook
Did not regret it! Great package on car, hotel and flight. I'm keeping travloo with me lol....

Start your adventure with Travloo. Access to more than 130 Airlines & more than 200,000 Hotels all over the world with the best deals on car rentals. You don't have to search and compare prices from tons of travel sites, we do all the research and bring you CHEAPEST flights, hotels, rental cars, vacations & travel deals.
Our user-friendly website makes it fast and easto book and go.
Yes we are way cheeaaaaper! Go Travloo!

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